Visualizing Data to Help Improve Outcomes for Students

Bridging Richmond chosen for StriveTogether fellowship to look at, understand and use data effectively

A colorful line graph displays third-grade reading results throughout the county. With a couple of clicks, a parent, community leaders or district administrator can break down the data by racial or cultural segments; by hovering over each line, a pop-up box reports historical data and progress.

With data, schools and districts, local-based nonprofit and other education stakeholders would be able to easily view and analyze local education data and create interactive presentations. That’s exactly what Bridging Richmond will learn through a StriveTogether and Tableau Foundation data fellowship program. “Bridging Richmond partners will use Tableau as one tool in the continuous improvement toolbox. With this tool, the partners will have access to the community-level data they to make informed decisions and take shared action. This fellowship will accelerate our use of Tableau, which has already made educational data more accessible to improvement teams and community members.” – Jason Smith, Partnership Executive Director

Bridging Richmond is one of 15 partnerships from the StriveTogether Cradle to Career Network that will participate in a fellowship with StriveTogether and Tableau Foundation, which will last until June 2016. Throughout the year, Bridging Richmond will learn how to effectively use and visualize local education data to advance its collective impact work to help more students succeed.

With Tableau, Bridging Richmond will be able to easily create interactive data visualizations to share with partners or publish to their website with a few clicks. The software can also be used to make data accessible in real time for all education partners throughout Richmond.

Through the Tableau fellowship the partners will learn better ways to communicate and visualize regional indicators. Currently our Tableau Public dashboard allows partners to disaggregate data by district, school, ethnicity, income, disability status, and gender. These data are not easily accessible on state and national websites. It can also be difficult to compare outcomes at the school or district level.
We are excited that this Tableau fellowship will accelerate our ability to provide data and analysis that can inform collective action for collective impact.

“With Tableau, Bridging Richmond will be better equipped, not only to effectively analyze and use data, but also to help local schools and partners in understanding data,” StriveTogether Associate Director of Data Utilization Geoff Zimmerman said. “Through more powerful visual analytics, Richmond will be better informed and therefore more able to improve outcomes for students.”

For more information about Bridging Richmond’s participation in the fellowship, please contact Candace Simon at (804) 827-4204. For further details about StriveTogether and the fellowship program, please contact Mary Kenkel at 513-929-1310 or kenkelm@knowledgeworks.org.

ABOUT Bridging Richmond

Bridging Richmond is a regional partnership to improve and enhance education and workforce preparation outcomes. We believe that education is the best investment for individual prosperity and regional competitiveness.

The work of the Bridging Richmond partnership is to make sure that every person in the region has a chance to thrive in school, work, and life. It is a growing partnership of regional institutions from education, business, nonprofit, government, and philanthropic sectors. They engage their organizations in improvement projects in areas where they have the potential for high influence and high impact. By focusing on measuring what matters, identifying best practices, and spreading what works, the community can maximize its investment in educational outcomes.

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