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Project Description

Charting the Course: A community’s guide for increasing educational attainment through the lens of collective impact

By Michigan College Access Network

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Excerpt: In October 2011, the Michigan College Access Network received a grant from Lumina Foundation to work closely with eight Local College Access Networks as demonstration sites to embed the collective impact framework as well as formalize and strengthen the networks by embedding a collaborative action process.

The communities profiled in this guidebook represent a mix of both high-need urban and rural communities across Michigan. MCAN worked closely with these communities in order to embed the five conditions of the collective impact framework. Support was provided to the communities through in-person trainings, workshops, and community site visits.

This guidebook is organized in three parts. The first part will address the larger framework for integrating the five conditions of collective impact within the context of college access. The second part will focus on the chronological and procedural steps for implementing a local college access network. Part three includes case studies from LCANs and templates developed by MCAN to assist communities in executing and embedding the strategies outlined in Parts I and II.