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Education Data Project

Data needs to be in the hands of people taking action, all across our community.
Bridging Richmond & our partners use real-time data for continuous improvement, policy changes, awareness campaigns.
We also mobilize partners to collective action using best practices and aligned resources.

Regional Data Advisory Committee

Community organizations and institutions across the region voiced a need for identifying shared measurements of success for education and workforce. In 2013, Bridging Richmond’s Board of Directors convened local data and research professionals representing multiple sectors to form the Regional Data Advisory Committee (RDAC). RDAC, led by Bridging Richmond in partnership with the Metropolitan Educational Research Consortium (MERC), developed a rigorous approach (involving diverse stakeholders) to select lagging indicators.

What are “leading” & “lagging” indicators?

Lagging indicators are outcome measures that will take time to change and are complemented by leading indicators that inform strategies and show earlier results.

Supporting & Building Partner Data Capacity

Effective use of data is integral to improving systems and community outcomes. Supporting data collection, analysis, and use for continuous improvement for regional and priority populations in Richmond enables the partners to better focus and align their internal resources.

Thus, in addition to specific data-driven projects, Bridging Richmond also supports various partners with internal capacity and use of data, NextUp being the primary example. Bridging Richmond provides all of the data services, including professional development and data dashboard management, to NextUp.

Learn more about other ways Bridging Richmond supports partners.

Indicator Dashboards