Bridging Richmond Receives $80,500 to Support Project FAFSA & Three-Year Evaluation

In January 2015, Bridging Richmond accepted an invitation from StriveTogether (subsidiary of KnowledgeWorks Foundation) to participate in Project FAFSA and a National Evaluation of cradle-to-career partnerships.

Bridging Richmond staff and partners participated in StriveTogether’s Project FAFSA, a learning community of partnerships focused on increasing FAFSA (federal student aid) completion as a way of improving postsecondary enrollment for students in the Richmond area. In addition to participating as a partnership, Dr. Jason Smith, Executive Director of Bridging Richmond, provided coaching to the group on continuous improvement techniques and data use. For participation and coaching, KnowledgeWorks contributed $8000 to support Bridging Richmond’s local Project FAFSA strategy.

KnowlegeWorks also granted Bridging Richmond $2,500 for participation in StriveTogether’s National Evaluation, a three-year evaluation to determine how communities across the country build civic infrastructure towards improving educational outcomes for students. The first year of the evaluation, which includes surveying local partners and the development of a community report is valued at around $70,000. Bridging Richmond received a significant in-kind benefit for the valuable data from the surveying of our partners. Partners shared input and StriveTogether analyzed data related to key community outcomes and leading indicators which Bridging Richmond is focused on impacting. These funds have contributed to Bridging Richmond’s capacity to support our partners in their work.

About KnowledgeWorks Foundation & StriveTogether

KnowledgeWorks is a social enterprise focused on ensuring that every student experiences meaningful personalized learning that allows him or her to thrive in college, career and civic life. By offering a portfolio of innovative education approaches and advancing aligned policies, KnowledgeWorks seeks to activate and develop the capacity of communities and educators to build and sustain vibrant learning ecosystems that allow each student to thrive. Their portfolio includes EDWorks and StriveTogether. www.knowledgeworks.org

StriveTogether, a subsidiary of KnowledgeWorks, works with communities nationwide to help them create a civic infrastructure that unites stakeholders around shared goals, measures and results in education, supporting the success of every child, cradle to career. Communities implementing the StriveTogether framework have seen dramatic improvements in kindergarten readiness, standardized test results and college retention. For more information about StriveTogether, visit www.strivetogether.org.

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