Bridging Richmond Receives $20,000 Capacity Building Grant from Genworth Foundation

Genworth Foundation granted Bridging Richmond $20,000 to support the advancement of partnership action (May 2015). Bridging Richmond’s primary customers are the regional public school districts. They, along with partners in business, higher education, non-profits and the funding community, receive value from participating in networked improvement communities. Bridging Richmond serves as a convener, neutral facilitator, and continuous improvement coach to help partners work on projects that they can address more effectively and efficiently than by working in isolation.

One important project for 2015-2016 is the Financial Aid and Enrollment improvement project. Teams of school and community partners will make small tests of change, study the data to understand what is working, and make real time adjustments. Learning from local improvement teams will then be shared across the network. These funds from Genworth Foundation allow Bridging Richmond to support the priorities of our partners through the use of results facilitation and continuous improvement techniques.

About the Genworth Foundation

Established in 2005, the Genworth Foundation is the charitable giving arm of Genworth Financial. The Foundation is committed to helping build strong communities around the world. Each year, the Foundation makes direct investments in the community through charitable contributions and matching gifts. For more about Genworth in the community, visit genworth.com/community.

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