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Attendance Awareness Campaign 2017

Improving student attendance is an essential, cost-effective but often overlooked strategy for ensuring our students are on-track to learn and succeed. Nationwide, as many as one out of 10 students is chronically absent, meaning they miss 10 percent or more of school days, or nearly a month. Chronic absence can translate into third-graders unable to master reading, sixth-graders failing courses and ninth-graders dropping out of high school. With the many factors impacting attendance – health, housing, transportation. etc. – we each have a role to play in ensuring students go to school every day! How will you engage?

Raise Awareness on Twitter & Facebook
2 simple ways to spread the message

How did attending school get you where you are today? Why is it important for the youth in our community to attend school every day?

No. 1: Post your response with a selfie & #schooleveryday

Need inspiration?

  • Take a selfie with a childhood (school) photo of yours.
  • Grow up in RVA? Share a school you attended & why you would go to school.
  • Post a relevant gif & write a text response.

Remember – use #schooleveryday when you post throughout September!

Download selfie sign template

No. 2: Tweets & Posts for Every Day in September
Easy as copy & paste! 

Download Bridging Richmond’s Attendance Awareness social media calendar, and you’ll have a whole month’s worth of posts to promote positive attendance messages to your followers on Twitter and Facebook! Check out the graphics folder to find colorful images to enhance your posts. These make local & expand on Attendance Works tweets/posts.

Download Social Media Calendar
Graphics Folder

Tips for Parents & Caretakers

While the whole community must be involved to tackle chronic absence, here are some tips for how parents can help their children attend school every day, such as:

  • Build regular routines for bed time and in the morning.
  • Keep a chart recording your child’s attendance home. At the end of the week, talk with your child about what you see.
  • Don’t let your child stay home unless they are truly sick. Keep in mind complaints of a stomach ache or headache can be signs of anxiety.
For parents of elementary students
For parents of middle & high school students
When is Too Sick for School?

Click here for handouts in Spanish, Chinese & more.

What Can You Do?
Ideas & resources to help you take action

Attendance Works is a national and state initiative that promotes better policy and practice around school attendance. Their September Awareness Month Toolkit offers template messaging, ideas of how to engage various stakeholders, and many printable materials (posters, info sheets, etc.). Regional partners have also developed materials relevant to our local context for use by the community.

Click the role that fits you best, and learn how you can take action to impact attendance in our region!

Out-of-School-Time Providers
Businesses & Chambers of Commerce
Health Care Providers
Local Philanthropy
Mayor and Elected Leaders
School Principals & Teachers
Schools (general)
School Boards

Partners Committed to Taking Action to Improve Attendance

Click here to see how communities across the country are also taking action.
Are you missing from this list? Contact Alex Rooke at acrooke@vcu.edu